Are Jonah Hill and Morrissey destined to be best friends?
[Photos by: Jonah Hill/YouTube Morrissey/Fabio Lavino]

On an episode of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jonah Hill shared the very wholesome email relationships that he has with Morrissey and Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor.

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While working on the forthcoming film, Mid90s, Hill shared that he personally reached out to Morrissey for help on the movie’s soundtrack.

“We didn’t have money and the soundtrack is crazy. We had no money, so I had to write letters to all of my favorite artists,” Hill says. “Every song that’s in the film, I wrote the scene to have that song in it. And I wrote to Morrissey, and I wrote him a really personal letter, and he emailed back, ‘It is my pleasure and I can’t wait to see Mid90s, Morrissey.’ All caps… I was like, Morrissey knows what Mid90s is! He said the words Mid90s! Morrissey is my best friend! We are best friends! I’m best friends with Morrissey!”

Additionally, Trent Reznor wound up working on the movie’s score alongside Atticus Ross.

Oddly enough, Hill and Reznor never met in person. While Hill’s lucky email with Morrissey gave us warm, tingly feelings, Hill’s relationship with Reznor is just as pure. 

Well, sort of.

“A lot of times I’d end the (email) exchange with, “Oh, if you need someone to sing backup on ‘Head Like A Hole’ I’m available.” And it was never acknowledged,” Hill recalls. “I would do it every day, every time we had to discuss the score. “Hey, I’m available to sing backup on ‘Head Like A Hole.’” Nothing. And then after like six months, I did it, I just got back, on the email with everyone, a “Ha.” H-A.”

So, needless to say, we don’t think Hill will be singing backup on “Head Like A Hole” anytime soon. Darn.

Watch Jonah Hill on The Tonight Show below.

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Mid90s follows the story of a 13-year-old growing up as a skater in Los Angeles. The dramedy is set to hit theatres Oct. 19.

Watch the trailer for Mid90s below.

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