Solo artist Juliet Simms has announced her return with the independent release of a new EP, From The Grave. 

Due out July 15, check out the EP's cover art, tracklisting and single, “Phoenix,” below!

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“The concept of this EP is essentially personal growth and strength. Like everyone, I have been through tough times and have always been resilient and rose back up,” says Simms about From The Grave. “In many ways, it's a snap shot of finding myself and never giving in.”

Pre-order the EP here.

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“I wrote these songs in the last couple years,” she continues. “During and after the recording of [2015’s] All or Nothing, a few of the songs I intended for that EP but the crowd funding campaign I ran was for a 6 song EP only. These songs are indicative of life on the other side when having some darkness in your past.”

Previously Automatic Loveletter's frontwomen, Juliet Simms placed second on the 2012 season of The Voice. She released her last music in early 2015, an EP called All Or Nothing


1. “Get Ready”

2. “Say Hello”

3. “Tidal Wave”

4. ” My Last Whiskey Tears”

5. “Trouble Finds You”

6. “Frances”

7. “Found Missing” 

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