If you've ever been to Vans Warped Tour you know how hot, grueling and insufferable the weather can be. All the time spent on your appearance seems like a wasted effort by the middle of the day when you look like you've taken a shower in your own sweat. Still, there seem to be people out there that believe, despite the conditions, people need to look their absolute best every single day of tour. Juliet Simms had something to say to the haters that continue to makeup shame those on Warped Tour.

Check out her statement below.

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Juliet Simms took to Twitter this morning to give her insight on just how difficult it is for artists and crew members on tour to continue to look their best.

“If you've never been on Warped Tour as a traveling artist or crew member, you can not comprehend how hard it is to look your best. You know who you are; quit makeup shaming and clothes shaming people that are out here on one of the dirtiest / hottest / grimiest tours around. To judge others is to judge yourself. It costs nothing to be a kind person, but everything to tear someone down”



Do you think makeup and clothes shaming is a problem on tour? Let us know in the comments below.

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