[Photos by: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons]

Kanye West's recent return to Twitter has taken social media by storm, especially after the elusive musician's strange alliance with President Trump (and the creative community's backlash to it). Now, the rapper is commending a highly visible March For Our Lives protestor and gun control advocate.

Over the weekend, West shared words of praise for Parkland, Florida high school shooting survivor and activist Emma González, calling her his “hero,” and the student has responded in kind—check out all the tweets right here.

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On Saturday, West posted a photo of González to his official Twitter with the caption, “My hero, Emma González.” Just moments later, he posted a selfie, saying that he was feeling “inspired by Emma,” as reported by Teen Vogue:

Without mentioning the musician by name, González seemingly repurposed Kanye's Twitter shout-out by repping a hero of her own. “My hero, James Shaw, Jr.,” she tweeted, posting a photo of the man who reportedly disarmed the gunman of the recent Waffle House shooting in Tennesse:

Of course, West got some other replies to his González tweets, namely from ostensibly confused Trump supporters who recently followed the rapper after his MAGA-tweeting spree. What do you think of Emma González's response to Kanye calling her his “hero”? Sound off in the comments.

Watch González's March For Our Lives speech below:

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