[Photo by: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram]

Beauty lovers and Green Day fans, rejoice! That epic Kat Von D collaboration, the properly titled “Basket Case” liner, is officially here, and Kat Von D explains just how that collaboration of epic proportions came together.

“I pitched the idea of shooting the campaign paying homage to this poster I used to have up on my wall, and it was this old photograph of Sid and Nancy and they were handcuffed together, and I just remember staring at that as a teenager,” she tells Billboard.

“Nancy had this blown out black eye look and I was like, 'Oh, this totally makes sense.' I could totally see that image being translated with myself and Billie Joe.”

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The formula is perfect to create the smudge-inspired Billie Joe look, with Kat Von D Beauty's site explaining that the formula glides on creamy, letting you “build, blend, smudge and smoke it out” to achieve your desired look, all before it sets in place. 

A dream, right?

“Whenever I develop any makeup product, first and foremost it’s always about the formula,” Von D tells Billboard. “The formula has to be amazing. You don't have to like me or Billie Joe to want to use this, and I'm really proud of that.”

And as for the Basket Case title? It fits right in with the rest of her music-inspired brand. “If you look at my entire collection from day one, everything from shade names to shade collections have always been inspired by music, whether it's bands or lyrics or composers,” Von D explains.

Check out a photo from their seriously incredible campaign photo shoot below:

And pick up that “Basket Case” liner here. (You know we'll be picking up five… at least.)

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