Back in 2008, pop star Katy Perry took to the stage of Warped Tour to perform a 6-song setlist comprised of some of her then-greatest hits, including “I Kissed A Girl.” She's since grown into a mega-star, with her own headlining tours, trading in a punk rock aesthetic for glittery gowns, multiple costumes, and bubblegum hits. 

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But Perry hasn't forgotten her roots, it seems, as she tweeted an Instagram post about her Warped Tour 2008 appearance with the caption “Can't skip the steps, gotta pay your dues….” Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman hit Perry back on Twitter with an invitation to return to the tour: 

“Will save you a spot to drop in this summer…be happy to match the last guarantee and throw a special BBQ for you @VansWarpedTour 2018…final cross country run!” 

Could Perry be teasing a return to the show she claims she “got her bearings” at back in a 2015 USA Today interview? Or is this tweet just another way to pass on to Katy Kats that she got where she was by “putting in work,” or performing at a “smaller tour” to get to where she is now? 

One thing's for sure. Katy Perry appearing at Warped Tour 2018 would certainly be a game-changer, especially if she went back to her rock-tinged roots…and we're not just talking about her hair. Given that this is the last hurrah for the legendary fest, it would make sense for a big name to return from whence she came, bringing everything full circle again.