Katy Perry was a backing vocalist for P.O.D. in 2006

October 14, 2015
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Even before she kissed a girl and liked it; even before her stint on the Vans Warped Tour, Katy Perry provided backing vocals for P.O.D.'s 2006 single “Goodbye For Now.” This has been public knowledge for some time but seems to have mostly slipped through the cracks of widespread attention until it was brought back to light today, primarily via Twitter, of course.

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Perry, going by her given name of Katy Hudson at the time, originally got her start in gospel and Christian rock music so this connection isn't necessarily as arbitrary as it may seem.

P.O.D. themselves had history with the punk and hardcore scenes (who can forget Wuv's Zao jersey in the video for “Southtown”?). They've always kept a finger on the pulse of the underground, even after the massive success of hits like “Alive,” “Youth Of The Nation,” “Here Comes The Boom,” and “Satellite.”

“Goodbye For Now” is from the group's 2006 album, Testify. P.O.D. first found platinum success with The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown (1999) and went triple-platinum with Satellite (2001). Payable On Death (2003) sold over a half million copies. Testify was the group's last album for Atlantic Records. When Angels And Serpents Dance (2008) and Murdered Love (2012) both followed. P.O.D. returned to megaproducer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, The All American Rejects, Simple Plan) for this year's The Awakening. The group is on tour through November with Insane Clown Posse. 

You can view the official video for “Goodbye For Now” below. Perry comes in at about the 3:10 mark if you want to skip ahead.

Perry even joined the band for a performance of the track on Jay Leno's late night talk show back in 2006.

Check out P.O.D.'s brand new music video, “This Goes Out To You.” 

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