Kellin Quinn
[Photo via Kellin Quinn/Instagram]

Kellin Quinn is taking to Twitter to discuss some important issues. The Sleeping With Sirens frontman is discussing using drug use, addiction as a theme in music.

“Glorifying drug use needs to stop,” the musician writes.

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Quinn took to Twitter on Friday, Dec. 7, to share some thoughts about artists who include drug use in their lyrics.

The singer expressed concern about glorifying such a delicate issue that affects many people.

“These new artists coming up in a scene that I’ve seen help so many people.. glorifying drug use need to stop,” Quinn starts.

He adds that many of the artists who are making music about the topic don’t actually do the drugs they mention.

“Kids listen and look up to you.. we don’t need anyone else overdosing,” the musician pleas. “Stop that shit.. you know who you are.”

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Another musician replied to Quinn’s tweets, pointing out that he writes about drugs, but not in a way that glorifies the use.

“I don’t think I’ve ever written about them in a happy song that’s for sure,” writes.

Quinn agreed, adding that he’s writing about his struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction on Sleeping With Sirens’ new record. However, “I would never encourage others to do it.. it’s not “cool” it’s a serious problem with our generation.”

“I’m sick of seeing people die over it!” He offers.

Some fans pointed out that Sleeping With Sirens has a song called “Heroine,” which can be interpreted as glorifying drug use.

Quinn clarified that the song has nothing to do with actual drug use.

“There’s a diff between a song describing a relationship to be similar to the effects of a drug.. and songs that literally talk about doing drugs,” he writes.

New music from Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens recently wrapped up their last tour of 2018, and guitarist Nick Martin took the opportunity to share some thoughts about their year.

“I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to a show on this tour, but also wanted to thank EVERYONE who came out to a show across the world over the past year…” the guitarist writes.

“Crazy to think it’s been over a year since that album came out. We’ve grown a lot in that time,” he continues. “Experienced a lot of life together—both good & bad.”

He ends up the thread with a simple tweet: “Sirens 2019.”

Could this be a hint that Sleeping With Sirens is planning to release new music as early as next year? It makes a lot of sense, considering the latest information they shared about Gossip‘s follow-up. In September, frontman Kellin Quinn revealed they wrapped their next album.

At the time, he shared some insight about what’s it going to sound like. SWS are apparently throwing it back and giving fans some “Let’s Cheers To This vibes.” We’re excited, and can’t wait to see what the future brings for them.

Sleeping With Sirens’ latest Gossip dropped in 2017, marking their first major label record with Warner Bros. The band released “Another Day” in July with summer tourmates the Rocket Summer as their first new material since their LP.

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