Sleeping With Sirens

Kellin Quinn says new Sleeping With Sirens music is coming “soon”

As one era ends, a new one begins.

February 25, 2019
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Sleeping With Sirens have been staying busy during the band’s Gossip era, earning them the title of one of the hardest touring rock and metal bands in 2018. As this chapter in the band’s career comes to a close, our sights are set forward to what comes next for SWS. Frontman Kellin Quinn took to Twitter to reveal that we may not have to wait too long for the next era after all.

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Back in December, Sleeping With Sirens confirmed a heavier direction in their forthcoming music.

Guitarist Jack Fowler took to Twitter to say that new music was on the horizon and that it is heavier than anything they have put out to date.

Some fans seemed skeptical, but Quinn further confirmed the band’s new path.

Additionally, another lucky music industry insider said that he heard the upcoming recordings and “can confirm” that the band is heading back to their roots.

“I can confirm as I have heard clips as well, they are heading back towards their first two albums and it’s hard af,” Twitter user ChevyFlora says. “Just wait til y’all hear the breakdowns!!”

Now, Quinn has taken to Twitter to thank fans for an incredible end to the Gossip era.

“Scotland and Ireland!! Wow!! what a way to end a chapter in this bands career! We’re so lucky to have all of you! If you came out to any of our shows during the #gossip era.. we appreciate you so much!!”

And to give us a small tease of what’s coming next…

“Now.. make way for what’s next.. New music soon.. New tours to be announced!!”

We can’t wait!

You can watch the band talk about their Gossip follow up below:

We’re already on the edge of our seats waiting for these new jams, but if Quinn keeps it up we’re going to lose our minds.

Bring on the new era!

In other Sleeping With Sirens news…

Quinn teamed up with DJ Yultron to write “The Bottom” about their shared experiences when it comes to drugs affecting their loved ones. He teased the song on his Instagram by reposting a video Yultron posted.

“Too many young people dying.. Music and drugs don’t have to mix.. @yultron and I wanted to write a song about it.. Because we both lost friends close to us.. Not trying to tell anyone how to live their life.. Just expressing our feelings when it comes to the issue… #thebottom,” Quinn writes on Instagram.

Check out the teaser video below.

No release date has been announced yet for the song.

Are you excited for the next era of SWS? Sound off in the comments below!

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