In the latest issue of AP, co-cover star Kellin Quinn discusses a multitude of things regarding Warped Tour, including a time Sleeping With Sirens got in trouble and had to go to the “proverbial principal’s office.” You can read what Quinn had to say on the incident that took place below.

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Founder Kevin Lyman keeps a close eye on what’s going on. Have you ever been called into the proverbial principal’s office?

Yeah, there was one summer: There was a fence—it wasn’t a big fence, not like a prison fence or anything—but there was a gap and people behind the fence. There was some room in the back of the crowd, so I told the [people behind the fence], “Hey, get up on the other side of that fence. Get in the crowd and have fun.” One girl ended up cutting her leg or something, then the cops showed up to the side of the stage. We had to go to Kevin’s office, and he said, “When you guys tell people to do stuff, they’re going to do it!” [Laughs.] Our intention is never for anyone to get hurt. We’ve never said, “Hit someone in the face!” or promote violence at all. We signed some stuff for this girl, gave her a bunch of free stuff and said sorry. She was a trooper. From then on, I learned [that as someone onstage], it’s important to never ask fans to do stuff—because they will.

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