[Photo by: Lindsey Byrnes, Kenny G/Facebok]

Twitter definitely has a way of bringing people together, and this time it's pretty random, unexpected and most of all awesome.

In a recent tweet, famous saxophonist Kenny G captioned a picture of himself “I bet everybody here is fake happy too,” lyrics from Paramore's “Fake Happy” featured on their latest LP After Laughter.

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The picture of Kenny G is the dictionary definition of “fake happy,” and we couldn't love it more.

The tweets that followed this post were incredible. Some of our favorites include “real recognizes real” and “KENNY G LOVES PARAMORE PASS IT ON.”

Enjoy that picture of Kenny G, and while you're at it, enjoy Paramore's music video for “Fake Happy” below:

And just in case you needed to hear a sick sax cover of Paramore, we got you. Check out this sweet rendition of “Forgiveness” courtesy of the talented Saxl Rose, who you can catch on Warped Tour this summer.