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Kid Rock has openly supported Donald Trump over the years. He even opened up a recent MAGA rally last month.

This week, Kid Rock continued to show his support for Trump at the presidential debate in Nashville. However, the musician turned up without wearing a face mask.

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Kid Rock attended the debate with pro golfer John Daly. Before finding their seats, the duo was reportedly told that they needed to wear proper PPE. However, it seems like they both ignored these health and safety coronavirus measures.

The two were photographed attentively watching the debate between Trump and Joe Biden without face masks.

They were eventually told that they had to wear face masks while inside the venue. Staff members even gave both of them medical-grade masks to wear. The duo obliged, but Kid Rock’s reaction makes it seem like he has never seen a face mask before.

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Although Daly and Kid Rock eventually wore the masks, they just missed the mark on how to wear the accessory properly. They snapped a selfie together with both of their masks pulled down.

As well, they continued to watch the presidential debate with their masks resting below their noses. The duo may have socially distanced for part of the event, but they might need a refresher on how to efficiently wear the PPE gear.

This isn’t the first time he has violated coronavirus safety regulations. Over the summer, his Big Ass Honky Tonk and Rock & Roll Steakhouse temporarily lost its beer permit after it repeatedly violated gathering infractions.

Naturally, the internet has a lot of thoughts about this whole ordeal.

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