Watch kids react to Black Sabbath: “Isn’t Ozzy Osbourne in this band?”

November 27, 2017
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[Photo by: FBE/YouTube]

Ah, Fine Brothers Entertainment have outdone themselves yet again. This time around, they had kids react to Black Sabbath, and their responses are truly priceless.

“They sound like they could haunt you in your sleep,” one youngster responded.

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The video features children ranging from the ages of 8-13, and right after hearing who they'd be listening to, they get the classic response: “Isn’t Ozzy Osbourne in this band?” 10-year-old Sydney knows what’s UP.

In fact, 13-year-old Jackson and a few others say that they know this band—and love 'em.

As soon as 1970’s “Paranoid” blasts through the speakers, 8-year-old Bradley can’t help but show his excitement: “I love this song! Yes, yes, I know this band, I love it!” In fact, most of the kiddos say this is something they’d listen to. (They love those guitar solos, btw.)

Yeah, Bradley is all of us.

“Wait, his voice is actually pretty good,” one of the kids comments during “War Pigs.” But that’s enough from us—we’ll let you watch the video for yourself below:

Yeah, we’re still Bradley, who ditches his chair to dance.

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Written by Maggie Dickman