Knotfest 2014 daily set times announced

October 13, 2014
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The daily set times for this year's Knotfest music festival have been revealed. You can check out which bands are playing at what times below. 

Are you going? If so, who are you most excited to see?

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Slipknot member Shawn “Clown” Crahan elaborated on why the band chose to go with burning camel feces as the festival's “official smell,” saying:

I write down things in life that are special, that only living in this thought process can you ever obtain. Freshly mowed grass. How it smells when a nice spring rain hits. Because of Iowa, I like being in a different state that doesn't even have grass and think that I smell fresh-cut grass,” he explained. “It brings me home. Makes me feel safe… So, I figure, since we're not a band anymore — we're a culture, everybody needs to get used to that real quick — that the culture has to have a smell.” He concluded with, “You have to be able to be somewhere in the world, maybe be in a little pain, and then all of a sudden smell that and feel good again.

Friday, October 24
(VIP Pre-Party for those that have purchased VIP or Camping Packages)

Stage 003
10:30 PM         Black Dahlia Murder
9:25 PM           Chelsea Grin

Stage 002
11:15 PM         Suicide Silence
9:50 PM           Butcher Babies
9:00 PM           Alterbeast


Saturday, October 25
Stage 005
3:30 PM           Fear Factory
2:35 PM           OTEP
1:40 PM           Amen
12:45 PM         Prong
Noon                Immolation

Stage 004
4:05 PM           The Faceless
3:10 PM           Stands With Fists
2:15 PM           Dehumanizer
1:20 PM           Kings Of Carnage
12:25 PM         Play For Blood
11:40 AM         Headbang For The Highway Battle Winner TBA
11:10 AM         Headbang For The Highway Battle Winner TBA

Stage 003
4:20 PM           In This Moment
3:00 PM           The Devil Wears Prada
1:50 PM           Butcher Babies
12:50 PM         Miss May I
11:50 AM         One OK Rock

Stage 002
5:05 PM           Testament
3:40 PM           Carcass
2:25 PM           Maximum The Hormone
1:20 PM           King 810
12:20 PM         Man With A Mission

Stage 001
11:00 PM         Slipknot
9:20 PM           Danzig
8:05 PM           Anthrax
7:05 PM           Black Label Society
6:10 PM           Hatebreed


Sunday, October 26
Stage 005
3:30 PM           Napalm Death
2:35 PM           Avatar
1:40 PM           Attika 7
12:45 PM         Exmortus
Noon                Rattlehead

Stage 004
4:05 PM           Dead For Denver
3:10 PM           Motograter
2:15 PM           Fire From The Gods
1:20 PM           I, of Helix
12:25 PM         A Threat To The Enemy
11:40 AM         Still Not Dead
11:10 AM         Headbang For The Highway Battle Winner TBA

Stage 003
2:40 PM           Killswitch Engage
1:25 PM           Whitechapel
12:15 PM         Upon A Burning Body
11:15 AM         Anti Mortem

Stage 002
3:25 PM           Of Mice & Men
2:00 PM           DevilDriver
12:50 PM         Veil Of Maya
11:45 AM         Nothing More

Stage 001
10:00 PM         Slipknot
8:30 PM           Five Finger Death Punch
7:10 PM           Volbeat
6:10 PM           Tech N9ne
5:15 PM           Atreyu
4:20 PM           Hellyeah

Note: Slidebar’s The Battle For KNOTFEST 2014 winner Bloodscribe will also perform at the festival. Details are TBA.

Written by AltPress