Pop-punk powerhouses Knuckle Puck will release their debut full-length album, Copacetic, July 31 via Rise Records. Pre-orders, along with the LP's lead single, will be available June 19. In the meantime, check out the artwork and track listing below. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

“When we thought of the album title, we thought it was a way to say, 'Okay, here's an album of things I'm upset about and hurt over,'” offers guitarist Nick Casasanto. “But at the end of the day, everything's fine, everything's copacetic, because you have to look at what you do have. I think it's important, especially in this scene, not to magnify depression and wear it like a badge. You should use music to feel better.”

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The impending effort will follow KP's first three EPs: Don't Come HomeThe Weight That You Buried and While I Stay Secluded

You will be able to catch the band all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour.

Track list:

1. Wall to Wall (Depreciation)
2. Disdain
3. Poison Pen
4. Swing
5. Ponder
6. Evergreen
7. True Contrite
8. Stationary
9. In Your Crosshairs
10. Pretense
11. Untitled