[Photo by: Nick Karp]

Knuckle Puck have canceled their upcoming tour of Europe and the United Kingdom in order to focus on mental health, according to an update from the band. Read Knuckle Puck's important tour announcement below.

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On Monday, the band posted an update to Twitter sharing news of the tour cancelation and asking for fans' understanding of the situation. Knuckle Puck were due to begin the tour on Nov. 26 in Hasselt, Belgium, along with acts Tiny Moving Parts and Movements. Another supporting act, Maryland's Have Mercy, dropped off the tour last week, citing similar mental health circumstances.

“The past few weeks have been incredibly challenging for many in our community, including myself,” writes Knuckle Puck vocalist Joe Taylor. “Recent news has resurfaced some things from my childhood that had been repressed. Those experiences have had lasting effects on my mental well-being.”

Taylor and the band state that this realization has been “difficult to comprehend and challenging to work through,” adding that, “due to it, Knuckle Puck will need to cancel our upcoming tour of mainland Europe and the United Kingdom.”

Read the full statement here:

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