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Korn tease new music – potential hints about upcoming album ‘Requiem’?

Put on your sleuthing cap. Korn has been posting a series of mysterious visuals on their website.

January 7, 2022
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Put on your sleuthing cap. Korn may have just teased a new single, possibly titled “Now.” Is there a connection to their upcoming album Requiem?

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Fans who visit Korn’s website have been greeted by six hands, each squeezing a heart-shaped face. They rotate atop an image of tree branches obscuring the moonlight. While all of the hands began in a fuzzy shade of black and white, the band have slowly been introducing more details since Jan. 7. Now, four of the hands can be seen in color: blue, purple, yellow and red.

The words “PULLING AWAY THIS VEIL I SEE…” are written at the bottom of the page. When clicked, an MP4 file, titled “Korn01-Now,” automatically downloads. The file contains 27 seconds of drumming. Clicking on the purple hand leads to YouTube, but not to any specific video. Yellow links to a page where fans can subscribe to updates. Finally, red links to Instagram. The band have been posting the hand images on their Instagram page.

Korn‘s Requiem is set for release on Feb. 4. What does this all mean?! Any theories?


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Written by Taylor Linzinmeir