Korn Again aren’t a cover band. They’re a tribute band, and yes, there’s a big difference. Korn’s U.K. imitators not only play with the intensity of the real deal, but they embrace everything that gives the nu-metal giants character.

They’ve got the Adidas. They use a reproduction of John Davis’ famous mic stand. Their guitarist sports makeshift dreadlocks that are reminiscent of Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch, and the lead singer even leans back with his shirt off, furiously shaking his head as he grips the mic in a similar way that Davis often does.

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On top of it all, they even replicated the classic Family Values Tour poster for their show at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester, U.K with their partners, Limp Biscuit tribute, Stiff Biscuit.

And a few days ago, Korn Again achieved the height of what most tribute acts must strive for. They were joined on stage by Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu and drummer Ray Luzier, who joined the act to perform two classics, “Here To Stay” and “Freak On A Leash.” You can see a video of the performance below. 

The two members of Korn were in attendance at the Ruby Lounge that night, and after being blown away by the quality of their set, figured that they would be happy to make the night one to remember.

“We'll never get over this shit. Ray Luzier and Fieldy form Korn, you made our dreams come true, thank you so much, it was truly an honour. Next time let's smash 'Blind',” the band exclaimed in a Facebook post.

Korn Again call themselves “Europe's premier live tribute to Korn capturing the look, the raw, aggressive sound and energetic stage performance of the original band.”

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The real Korn are currently in the United Kingdom in support of their new album, The Serenity Of Suffering. The band began their tour out there with Limp Biscuit on Monday, with the first of six U.K. dates taking place in Manchester. Which explains why the members were around for the tribute performance.

Check out a recap of the night below!

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