For a slew of odd, asinine reasons, LA Weekly doesn’t want you to listening to Green Day. “They look like the kind of teenagers I’m glad get bullied,” Nicholas Pell writes in his article Leave Blink-182 alone and stop listening to Green Day. “Do they even make music anymore or do they just put on guyliner and pretend to know enough about the world to tell me who to vote for?”

So now we’re judging artists on their choices in fashion? I wasn’t aware.

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The article later goes on to state that Blink-182 are superior to Green Day simply because they didn’t take themselves seriously. “Blink-182 were almost always irreverent, even when they were feigning a sense of seriousness. And when they do dip their toes in the waters of teenage angst, it at least comes across like they’re cashing in, not believing their own bullshit.”

And now being “serious” is uncool? Man, I’m really falling behind on the latest trends.

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The truth is, Green Day and Blink-182 were two incredibly prolific groups that left an unmistakable footprint on our scene. You like Green Day but can’t stand Blink? Cool. You grew up with Mark, Tom and Travis, but never got into Billie, Mike and Tré? Awesome. Just because you prefer one group over another doesn’t mean you should attempt to downplay the latter’s legacy. You do you, and we’ll do us—it really is that easy.

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