[Photo credit: Twitter/Lady Gaga Media]

Can you believe that Lady Gaga is now the ONLY woman that has headlined Wrigley Field?

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That's right—even in a world full of pop titans like Beyonce and Katy Perry, Lady Gaga is the only one to complete this feat. On top of that, she sold it out!

Of course, some of it may come down to coincidence: The aforementioned Beyonce has sold out multiple baseball stadiums in her career. But still, Wrigley Field is one of the most iconic stadiums in America, and we'd expect a woman would have headlined by now. Rihanna? Taylor Swift? Britney Spears?

It just goes to show that we're still on the way to true gender parity in every industry. 

Meanwhile, Gaga and Swift are out making even more history, as they are now the only two women to have a #1 on the iTunes Worldwide Chart, in 2017.

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You could hear Lady Gaga's stunning performance at Wrigley from well outside its walls:

Many congratulations, Lady Gaga!

What other female artists do you think deserve the honor of headlining Wrigley? Let us know in the comments.