In an interview with a Czech website, Lamb of God's manager Larry Mazer spoke out about vocalist Randy Blythe's recent arrest:

“Randy should be released immediately. His lawyer told us so. In the U.S. he would have been – you post the bail and you're free. Everybody is shocked. It's absurd. It seems like a bad joke – Randy did nothing wrong. He is innocent. Nobody contacted us in the last two years. My contact information is publicly available but I never heard from the family. We didn't even heard from the concert organizer. Nobody called us.

The organizer now says the police contacted him three months after the boy died. I don’t understand why no one got in touch with us to let us know. He was in a coma and he died, and we never heard from anybody.”

Blythe was arrested on charges of alleged manslaughter in Prague last week. Though his bandmates have returned home, Blythe remains detained in the Czech Republic.