Though a bail of $200,000 has been posted for Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, the singer will have to remain in the Pankrác Prison in the Prague for at least another 10 days, according to MSN.

Though his bandmates have returned home (“finally HOME! 4/5 of us anyway…,” said guitarist Mark Morton on Twitter on Saturday), Blythe–deemed a flight risk–will have to remain in the Czech Republic.

According to a statement released from Judge Petr Fassati of Prague 8 District Court, “There may well be certain conditions placed upon [Blythe's] release, such as staying in the Czech Republic, or the availability of a specific address. If the conditions are violated, it could lead to an international arrest warrant being issued.”

Blythe was arrested last week in the Czech Republic on alleged manslaughter charges dating to a May, 2010 case involving an altercation with a fan, who later died, allegedly because of injuries sustained during the fight.