Blockbuster Video
[Photo by: Stu Pendousmat/Wikimedia Commons]

It’s been a slow death for Blockbuster, the once-ubiquitous video rental store that faced its end at the hands of streaming services such as Netflix and rental kiosks like Redbox. And while a handful of Blockbuster franchises remained open in recent years, there’s now only one left. It’s in Bend, Oregon.

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Two Alaska-based Blockbuster stores are closing next week, as reported by Gizmodo, leaving the Oregon location the sole remaining outlet. In 2017, there were still nine Blockbusters hanging on in Alaska, Oregon and Texas. By this year, only a pair in Alaska and the final Oregon store had endured.

But come this Monday, July 16, the store in Bend, Oregon, will be the only one left. Although, as noted by Deadline Hollywood, the shuttering Anchorage and Fairbanks stores will reopen on Tuesday to sell off their inventory through August.

So, for you Alaskans who still rent physical movies, make sure to head on out to the Anchorage and Fairbanks Blockbusters before they close for good. Maybe you can snag a copy of James Cameron’s Titanic on two VHS tapes for cheap.

And now that Best Buy no longer sells CDs and I can’t rent a movie at Blockbuster, I know for certain that my youth was a sham and the world wants to kill everything special to me. Sound off in the comments with your Blockbuster memories.

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