Okay, we’ll admit it: Not all of our tweets are memorable. (Even if we like to think they are…)

And the Library Of Congress must be sick of all of our tweets too, explaining that starting next year, they will no longer be archiving every tweet uploaded to Twitter.

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Back in 2010, the library started saving every single tweet. Not to mention, they’ve been selectively saving tweets since 2006 in an effort to “acquire and preserve a record of knowledge and creativity for Congress and the American people.”

The fact that there's this much Steve Harrington preserved in the Library Of Congress? We're all about it.

As NPR reports, moving forward, the library will only save tweets “on a very selective basis.” Think the Library Of Congress ships #Walternativeparks? We’d like to think so—and hope that Twitter history will still be archived.

NPR shares that the library will still save its collection of tweets from the first 12 years, but they have yet to figure out how to make the archive public.

How does it make you feel knowing your best (and worst) tweets are archived? Let us know in the comments below!