[Photo by: Matt Barnes]

Lights book is coming to stores!

The project is a collection of all six issues from the first volume of singer's Skin&Earth comic book series.

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Last year, Lights announced her album Skin&Earth would be accompanied by a comic book series.

“I feel my whole life has lead up to a project like this. It's a complete convergence of everything I love – music, comics, post-apocalyptic romance, crystals, wine and powerful ladies, all perfectly entwined,” the singer shared. “It'll be by far my most care-free and fierce album yet. I think now, more than ever, people need a reason to listen to a whole record, and this is mine.”

The six issues released so far have been collected into one book, Skin & Earth Volume I, which will hit the stores July 4. The publication will come with interactive QR codes to connect the reading to the music.

“The secret is out!! Skin&Earth volume one will hit shelves July 4, all six issues collected into one book,”  Lights shared on Twitter. “I’M STILL NOT OVER THIS ALL.”

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