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[Photo by: Jonathan Weiner]

Lil Peep documentary Everybody’s Everything’s rights have been acquired by global content studio Gunpowder & Sky.

The film made its debut at South By Southwest in March and was directed by Sebastian Jones and Ramez Silyan. It was produced by Terrence Malick, business partner Sarah Stennett and Peep’s mother Liza Womack. The film has a 115 minute runtime and takes a dive into the life of the genre-blending rapper.

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“Creating a unique mix of punk, emo and trap, Lil Peep was set to bring a new musical genre to the mainstream when he died of a drug overdose at just 21 years old,” the SXSW documentary description states.

“From the streets of Long Beach and Los Angeles to studios in London and sold-out tours in Russia, the artist born Gustav Ahr touched countless lives through his words, his sound and his very being. During a sweeping journey from the depths of the underground to a meteoric rise through the music industry, Gus wrestled with what it meant to be Lil Peep and in turn, what Lil Peep meant to so many. EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING is an intimate, humanistic portrait that seeks to understand an artist who attempted to be all things to all people.”

The movie features unseen archival footage and interviews from Peep’s friends and family.

“The overnight meteoric rise of genre-bending hip-hop artists like Lil Peep—on places like SoundCloud—is reminiscent of early rap artists spreading mixtapes in the ’80s,” Gunpowder & Sky CEO Van Toffler says. “Lil Peep had such a unique twist on the hip-hop artform, and this doc gets behind what drove him to integrate elements of punk and emo into his music. He was one of the most empathetic artists in modern music, which is why we all mourn his loss.”

Womack is “confident” that G&S was the best company to own the rights to the film.

“This film is deeply personal,” she says. “We couldn’t have found a better team that both recognizes Lil Peep the artist and Gus the person than Gunpowder & Sky. We are confident that G&S will do exactly the right job of releasing this film for Gus’ current fans, as well as introducing Gus and his work to legions of new fans. His legacy and influence will continue to grow.”

Gunpowder & Sky previously released black metal band-focused Lords Of Chaos (Rory Culkin) and all-girl punk band-led Her Smell (Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delevigne).

The studio will launch foreign sales at the Cannes market later this week. The documentary is also set to be released later this year, but an official date hasn’t been announced. You can read more on the Lil Peep documentary here.

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