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[Photos by: Lil Peep and ILoveMakonnen/Richard Stilwell, Fall Out Boy]

After announcing that another music video for their collab with Lil Peep and ILoveMakonnen is coming this Wednesday, Fall Out Boy have shared a short teaser of the reimagining for “I’ve Been Waiting.” Now, instead of promoting stills from the video, fans have a moving picture segment to sink their teeth into. 

In a tweet, the band’s short clip showcases a very dreamy scenario. You can watch the teaser below.


We weren’t expecting another Lil Peep “I’ve Been Waiting” video after ILoveMakonnen and Fall Out Boy shared a tribute video last month, but we may have spoken too soon.

Now, the song is getting its due diligence with its own music video.

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The video was announced on Peep’s Twitter today, leaving us eager for its release Wednesday.

“I’ve Been Waiting video out Wednesday. Featuring Fall Out Boy and ILoveMakonnen. Creative direction by Susboy. Based on OG Lilpeep and ILoveMakonnen collab,” the tweet reads.

One of Lil Peep’s final collaborations before passing away in November 2017, the track will be the latest content to come out of Peep’s camp following his “16 Lines” video.

Fall Out Boy announced the video via Twitter shortly after Peep, crediting the late rapper for the video’s original concept.

“brought @lilpeep’s world to life with @ilovemakonnen5d 💫 I’ve Been Waiting video out wednesday. creative direction by sus boy. based on an original idea from @lilpeep,” the tweet reads.

A few months ago, ILoveMakonnen revealed how this dream collaboration came to be.

“We were talking about all of the artists that influenced us and who would be our dream artists to work with,” ILoveMakonnen explains. “He mentioned Fall Out Boy, and after Lil Peep passed, Pete Wentz reached out to me and sent his condolences.”

After Fall Out Boy asked if there was anything they could do, ILoveMakonnen didn’t pass up the opportunity.

“I was like, ‘Oh well, I would be honored if you guys could check out this track,” ILoveMakonnen says. “Lil Peep and I were both really big fans, and he’s been quoted in interviews saying that his style is like ILoveMakonnen and Fall Out Boy, so it would be really great if you guys could take a look at this and maybe do something for it.’ They loved the track, and they added some great elements to it. We made it into a very special record, and I think Lil Peep would definitely be proud of what we turned it into.”

You can check out the first “I’ve Been Waiting” video below.

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