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Frito-Lay is responding to Lil Xan’s hospitalization for eating too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Read the company’s statement below.

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On Tuesday, Noah Cyrus‘ ex took to Instagram to post a video of his hospital bracelet, detailing that he was admitted after eating too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

“I went to the hospital today, [and I’m] getting ready to pack for this tour,” he says. ”I just want everyone to know I was in the hospital not due to any drugs, but I guess I ate too many hot cheetos.

“It ripped something in my stomach open, so I puked a little blood, [but] we good,” Xan explains.

A few hours later, the rapper shared another video on Instagram to talk about the excitement for his upcoming tour, thank his fans and assure he’s the healthiest he’s ever been.

“I’ve never been more healthier and sober in my life,” he shares. “I feel so clear headed, and I just want to thank every one of you all for everything you’ve done. Without you guys, I would not be here.”

On Wednesday, Xan posted another picture on Instagram to reassure fans he’s OK. The rapper even joked that fans should throw Cheetos on stage.

“Never felt better in my life,” he writes. “Can’t wait to see everyone at the show tonight baby!”


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Never felt better in my life ! ???? Can’t wait to see everyone at the show tonight baby ! ???? throw hot Cheetos On the stage ????

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Frito-Lay’s statement

Following Xan’s hospitalization and a report from the Grub Street blogBillboard reached out to Frito-Lay, which is Cheetos’ maker, for a comment about the situation.

According to Grub Street, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are among the leading causes of kids visiting the hospital gastric-related issues.

“At Frito-Lay, we aim to delight our consumers and food safety is always our number one priority,” the company shares with Billboard. “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos meet all applicable food safety regulations, as well as our rigorous quality standards.”

“That said, we realize some consumers may be more sensitive to spicy foods than others and may choose to moderate consumption or avoid spicier snacks due to personal preference,” the statement resumes.

Why Lil Xan’s fans were worried about his hospitalization

Xan’s sobriety became a topic of discussion following the death of fellow rapper Mac Miller. Miller passed away at the age of 26 from an overdose, which made Xan want to get clean.

Xan discussed Miller’s impact on him and his own sobriety on Adam22’s podcast No Jumper. He attended Miller’s final show Sept. 3 at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles where he says he looked good and told him he’s “the reason [he’s] even rapping.”

The rapper referred to Miller as his “hero” as he related to him throughout his album cycles as they went through many of the same things. While Lil Peep and others’ passings also affected him, he says he didn’t show it as publicly as he did with Miller. The backlash he received from showing his emotions on an Instagram live heavily troubled him.

“Every comment on my livestream video was, ‘You’re next,’” Xan says.

The rapper discussed being devastated by the overdose deaths and a hope to make his real name Diego his stage name. Xan also expressed this on TRL earlier this year shortly after Peep’s passing and delved into it again on No Jumper.

“I feel like I want to get sober now, like completely sober, but it’s so hard, bro, like so fucking hard,” he explains.

While Xan has never gone to rehab despite a previous opportunity, he suggests that he would go now if he didn’t already have prior commitments.

“If I didn’t have a tour coming up, I would be in rehab right now,” he says. “I just can’t. I’m just tired of feeling this way. If rehab might help or detox, I’m down for any type of help.”

Lil Xan’s tour begins today, and you can view dates here.

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