lil xan
[Photo via YouTube]

Upon receiving an online threat, Lil Xan canceled his St. Louis concert earlier this week, according to TMZ. A man shared a photo and video on the internet, threatening the Soundcloud rapper.

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In the TMZ article, the man initially shared a video “warning” Lil Xan of his intentions.

“Lil Xan a m***** f****** bitch, dawg,” the man yells as he fires two guns into a body of water. “Aye, Lil Xan, I want my smoke Oct. 10 at the Pageant, lil bitch. Where the f*** you at?”

The video was also accompanied by a caption that read, “Lil Xan said he wants a fade with me. I’M COMING TO YO OWN SHOW TO SMACK TF OUT OF YOU TOMORROW OCT 10 AT @thepageantstl.”

Additionally, the man shared a photo of himself with three AK47s with the caption, “hi Lil Xan see ya later at your show.”

After considering the odds, promoters of the event eventually shut the show down.

“It is our top priority, including the promoters and venue to ensure safety at every show,” a representative for Lil Xan says. “This was an old situation that has been taken care of internally. There is no reason to fear safety at any of Lil Xan’s shows moving forward.”

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However, during the event, disappointed fans were left unsure as to why the event was canceled.

Since nobody filed a report with the St. Louis police, law enforcement are not looking into the incident.

Lil Xan himself and the venue have yet to speak up about the cancellation.

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