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Lil Xan is going to rehab some time next week. The rapper shared the news on Nov. 15 via two Instagram posts.

Earlier this year, Xan revealed in an interview the death of fellow rapper Mac Miller made him want to get clean. Miller passed away at the age of 26 from an overdose.

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On Adam22’s podcast No Jumper, the rapper referred to Miller as his “hero” as he related to him throughout his album cycles as they went through many of the same things. While Lil Peep and others’ passings also affected him, he says he didn’t show it as publicly as he did with Miller.

At the time, he also mentioned he’d never gone to rehab despite a previous opportunity, but he would go if he didn’t already have prior commitments.

“I feel like I want to get sober now, like completely sober, but it’s so hard, bro, like so fucking hard,” he explained. “I just want to feel [like] a normal person.”

“If I didn’t have a tour coming up, I would be in rehab right now,” he said. “I just can’t. I’m just tired of feeling this way. If rehab might help or detox, I’m down for any type of help.”

Lil Xan going to rehab

Now, it appears his time to get sober has arrived. Xan revealed on Instagram he’s going to rehab to get “clean headed” before finishing his album.

First, the rapper shared an artwork for a new EP on Instagram, writing, “Dropping rn on sc, rehab in 3 days.”

“i wanna leave my fans with some new music before,” he explains on the Nov. 14 post. “Be Safe .Love you guys.”


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Dropping rn on sc,rehab in 3 days i wanna leave my fans with some new music before Be Safe .Love you guys

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This Thursday, Nov. 15, Xan explained his decision on a second Instagram post, saying he “couldn’t be happier with this choice.”

“I love you guys for being so supportive and can’t wait too get back clean headed ready to Finish my album!” Xan continues.

You can stream Xan’s new XANARCHY MILITIA EP below.