Emo rapper Lil Peep's death at just 21 years old rocked the music world, as it was such an expected event. Not only did it spark up conversations on addiction, mental health, and the importance of strong support systems, but it helped shine a light on the accidental passings of others who have dealt with similar issues. 


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Now, Lil Peep's brother Karl Åhr, who goes by the name of Oskar, is speaking out. He wants the world to know that Lil Peep, or Gustav Åhr, was a whole world of a person beyond his drug-infused rapper persona. 

“We have heard there was some sort of substance he did not expect to be involved in the substance he was taking,” said Oskar when speaking to People. “He thought he could take what he did, but he had been given something and he didn’t realize what it was.” It appears the pill that ended up causing Peep's death was laced with something unknown, which lead to the rapper's accidental passing. 

“It was an accident, it really was an accident,” Oskar wants to drive home. “He was super happy with where he was in life.” Oskar went on to discuss the rapper's private home life, where Peep would often mention while the brothers watched WWE together how being a rap star is similar to portraying a pro wrestler, in that both must act and portray a certain sort of person, projecting an image to the public. 

“He was so proud when he heard that there were people in the world who wanted to kill themselves, and then they didn’t because they listened to his music,” Oskar explained. “He was helping people, he was not somebody who needed help.”