Punks deal with lines enough before shows—the last thing they want to do is wait forever for popcorn at movie theaters. Well, Disney, Fox and Lionsgate think so, too. The movie monoliths have invested $50 million into a new movie ticketing app, which may make theater lines a thing of the past.

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The app is called Atom Tickets and, with this massive investment, is scheduled to release later this year. Atom wants a night out at the movies to be easy again. Tickets can be pre-purchased, which is nothing new—however, customers can also buy their concessions in advance as well. Just scan your phone at the usher or snack counter and success: your popcorn awaits. It’s like a Disney fastpass but for your local cinema.

While buying your nachos on Atom, you can also invite and coordinate with friends or browse through movie reviews, trailers and synopses.

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Wondering when the app will be released in your city? Sign-up on Atom’s website for a notification.

If I were Fandango, NBCUniversal’s baby, I’d be a little scared of my new competition.

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