Linkin Park have launched the below trailer for their forthcoming One More Light Live album, which was tracked during their 2017 touring in support of their latest album, One More Light. The album will land on December 15 and is dedicated to their late frontman Chester Bennington, who took his own life this past July.

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If you missed out on Linkin Park's One More Light tour, don't worry. You can still relive some of the magic from the concerts with a new release that's scheduled to debut right during the middle of the holiday season.

The band's upcoming One More Light Live album was recorded during their 2017 tour, and it's set for release on December 15. Packed with moments from the tour that you can relive in the privacy of your own home (and those shining moments from late vocalist Chester Bennington's life).

There's a new trailer out promoting the upcoming live album, showcasing some of the tracks you'll hear on the upcoming release. If you're a huge Linkin Park fan, you might want to watch with some tissues nearby.

Chester's legacy will live on with this new album. See what you can look forward to in the trailer below.

Will you be picking up Linkin Park's live album? Let us know in the comments below!

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