California hardcore group Lionheart have addressed fans unhappy with their decision to act as support for Motionless In White in Hawaii.

Fan responses range from violent (“you should just kill them”) to ignorant (“Gay.”) to straight up baffled (“I'm confused”).

The band posted the following statement on Facebook today, following their original announcement of the show:

“To all those upset that we are playing ONE show w/ Motionless In White in Hawaii: relax. Please don't use our FB wall as a place to shit talk another band just because of how they look. If they wanna wear makeup and dress like they do, then that's THEIR choice. A far as I'm concerned, they're a hard working touring band out there trying to do the same thing we are. MIW isn't my first choice for personal listening, but then again that's the beauty of music; there's literally something for everyone. If you don't like what you see or hear, you can move on to the next option.

When we got offered the Hawaii show, I wasn't sitting here wondering “man I sure hope those dudes in MIW all wear Camo shorts, air Max 90's, 5 panel hats, and have the correct shin tattoos to go along with it”. All these sub genres have gotten so pretentious and clicked up that it's just embarrassing. Yes, LH is a HC band. No, MIW is not. And yes, we are playing together. Big fucking deal. Music is music. HC is not a shitty high school clic of 'cool kids' wearing the right unknown band shirt to every show. It's about the music, the message, and that's IT. That's what this band is about. And as long as LH is around, I'm going to spread that message on any and every show I can, and to whomever wants to listen regardless of how they happen to be dressed.

The bottom line is MIW were kind enough to let LH on THEIR show, and for that I am grateful. It's a chance for the band to go to Hawaii, when it would be otherwise unaffordable. And we're all excited. Hawaii here we come!”

Do you back Lionheart's point of view? Should it ever really matter what bands play with one other?