Glamour Dolls Cosmetics has partnered with the legendary Lisa Frank to bring makeup lovers everywhere some absolutely amazing—and nostalgic—items.

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The company currently has a Kickstarter going to hep raise money to create 5-6 products with Lisa Frank. It's raised over $60,000 of the targeted $30,000 in only a few days!

About the collaboration, Glamour Dolls wrote: “Makeup is art. Lisa's designs are masterpieces.  It made sense to bring these two worlds together. The only thing that's left is you. We want to bring you along for this glittery ride and keep your pout perfect for the whole trip! Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank totally rad!”

As of now, an adorable angled brush that would make 7-year-old you jealous is available for preorder for only $4.99 and ships in April! Click here to grab one.

Glamour Dolls posted the following description of what products it plans to launch.

1. Lip Balm 

2. Matte Mousse

3. Liquid Liner 

4. Unicorn Lippie

5. Highlight Powder

6. Vegan Leather Makeup Bag

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