[Photo by: Lisa Frank/Facebook]

Lisa Frank, queen of all things rainbow and fun who just so happens to be the illustrator of our '90s childhood dreams, has teamed up with another brand, and this time they're bringing us a small collab with shoe company Reebok

See the cool kicks below!

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The collab includes one pair of adult shoes and one pair of children's shoes, complete with all your fav classic Lisa Frank characters. There are purple kittens, yellow labs, dolphins, orcas, leopards, and unicorns galore, all in the fantasy rainbow colors we know and love! Not to mention, they are honestly the most beautiful things we've ever seen.

Check out the amazing pictures below. 

[Photo by: Reebok]

When asked why she's doing a shoe collab, Lisa Frank explains: “I’ve always been a sneaker girl and I’m forever on the lookout for fun new styles. Sometimes I even make my own sneakers, adding height to a flat pair of lace ups. I used to paint my sneakers and everybody loved them!”

What we wouldn't give for a custom pair of Lisa Frank platforms! 

[Photo by: Reebok]

As for the design, she says “Rainbow colors and fantasy characters never go out of style.” Obviously, purple kittens will never not be the cutest thing ever. 

[Photo by: Reebok]

She even weighed in on everyone's current obsession with '90s nostalgia—and clearly she's the expert. “'90s kids have such fond memories of their childhood and want to share their joy and excitement with their friends, families and coworkers,” Frank says, and we couldn't agree more!

In a world that seems increasingly more stressful and dangerous everyday, gushing about rainbow dolphins, boy bands, and classic cartoons from a simpler time is quite a welcomed distraction. 

[Photo by: Reebok]

Obviously we all want these, but unfortunately they're almost too good to be true. The shoes won't be available for purchase, as there are only two pairs ever made. (We're not crying, you're crying.) They're for a super limited giveaway contest through Reebok's social media channels. To enter to win the shoes, you have to tweet your fav throwback back to school trend from your school days to @ReebokClassics and @LisaFrank. Two winners will be chosen and the rest of us will just have to suffer. 

Check out Reebok's blog for the details. 

Are you giong to enter the contest to win these beauties? Sound off in the comments below! 

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