Slipknot have released a new grimy song titled “Custer.” The track is taken from the band’s upcoming fifth studio album, .5: The Gray Chapter, which will be released on October 21 via Roadrunner Records. Check out the track below, and let us know your thoughts.

In a recent interview, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor expressed his frustration with how the internet uncovered the identity of their new bassist. “We’re keeping [the new bassist's identity] kind of on the DL,” he said, “but not really, cause somebody already pointed out the tattoos. I was like, ‘Why didn’t we make him wear gloves?’ I was so upset. I was like, we thought of all this stuff. We put the hood on him and then the mask, and it was like, ‘It’s really hot, guys,’ And then there is his tattoos for everybody [to see]. I was like, ‘Well, we missed the mark on that one.”

The band will be on tour this year with Korn and King 810. If you missed it, watch their latest music video for “The Devil In I.”