Concerts may be better for you than originally thought. According to a new study from the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology, listening to music with others leads to decreased stress levels.

Researchers analyzed saliva samples and responses from 53 participants after listening to music five times per day for seven consecutive days. The results proved that simply listening to music did not necessarily provide stress-reduction.

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However, listening to music with others led to decreased stressed levels. “Music listening in the presence of others enhanced the stress-reducing effect of music,” researchers say. “Solitary music listening was stress-reducing when relaxation was stated as the reason for music listening.”

The study concludes by saying that music, whether listened to alone or in a group to help reduce stress, is typically able to do just that. “In daily life, music listening can be used for stress reduction purposes,” says researchers. “The greatest success occurs in the presence of others or when it is deliberately listened to for the reason of relaxation.”

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