[Photos by: Jimmy Fontaine, @Dan4lifee/Twitter]

Nothing's cooler than seeing a young child share in their parent's interests, especially when that interest is an awesome hardcore band like Turnstile. Check out a video below of one trendy tyke jamming to the band with her dad.

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Armed with a toy guitar, the little girl in the clip seems to be having a blast dancing to Turnstile with her pops. “My daughter and I really enjoy jamming out together to your music,” the father and music fan tweeted on Monday, tagging the band. And Turnstile responded with some awesome news for the dad-and-daughter rockers, inviting them to their next show in the family's area.

“Next time we play near you,” the group replied, “the night is on us if the princess can come with.” Aww, now isn't that sweet? This little kid is totally all of us rocking out to our favorite band. See the adorable tweets right here:

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