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Rapper Logic has been caught in some drama because of his music video for “Super Mario World.” The artist reportedly posed as a high school student and stiffed a hurricane nonprofit to make his music video for the track.

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According to IndieWire, the rapper told a ship owner, Carolina Salguero, that he was wanting to shoot a “summer school project” aboard her 90-year-old oil tanker, which she operates as a nonprofit.

Salguero says she told them they could use her ship for a school project under three conditions: “If they supplied an explanation of the project, sent her copy of the finished project and properly credited the ship and those who appeared in the video.”

“I looked at Logic; he’s so scrawny, I mistook him for a high school student,” Salguero says. “I thought the videographer was his dad, graying hair at the temples, and his friend was dressed in the [beat-up] Super Mario costume—I was busy and trusted I was helping high school students.”

The problem is that the location usually charges for film and television production—around $10,000 a day, or $5,000 a half-day.

“Nonprofits, like churches especially, are finding New York’s location crunch a good way to make extra money and we all feel good about making that work when we can, but you have to be upfront about what you are doing,” the location manager says. “So, they got caught lying and Def Jam isn’t paying? Wow, that is a bad look which won’t go unnoticed in the New York production world.”

She also explains that she, her staff and her trainees “never signed clearances for their likenesses to be used in a Def Jam music video,” and even with a lawyer, YouTube has denied the request to remove the video from the platform.

IndieWire reports that they reached out to Logic to comment on this story, with no reply.

Watch the video below: