Lollapalooza, trash can
[Photos via Twitter]

Lollapalooza is currently underway and we’ve already experienced a handful of surprises. Death Cab For Cutie brought Chance The Rapper onstage for an incredible performance, a numerous amount of fans stormed the festival’s fences in order to get in for free and now, some attendees are taking crowdsurfing to a whole new level.

Check out video of their innovative take on crowdsurfing below.

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Maybe it was an attempt to be noticed by the performers or simply a way to stand out in the crowd, but attendees took their crowdsurfing experience up a notch by climbing inside trash cans.

What seemed like an absolutely crazy idea turned into quite a bit of entertainment for those in attendance.

Check out some of the hilarious footage below!

And this isn’t the only weird thing 2019 Lollapalooza fans have encountered so far.

For example, in an effort to get into the festival for free, dozens of fans attempted to storm the gates of the festival.

Photographer Jeremy Cohen, who’s shooting the event, caught the phenomenon on video.

Later, in a Twitter DM to Mashable, he said he saw the mob “casually walk down the street.”

“When they saw a spot with not many cops around, they stormed the gate all at once,” Cohen said. “It was def planned … [It] was very strategic.”

Surprisingly, only one person was caught.

What’s the craziest crowdsurfing experience you’ve ever witnessed? Sound off in the comments below!

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