Sumerian Records label owner Ash Avildsen and ex-Sworn-Enemy-guitarist-turned-wrestler Lorenzo “The Main event” Antonucci have responded to Ronnie Radke's diss track, “I Wash Cars,” with a song of their own.

The track was teased yesterday, and is not intended but spark a new feud, but rather to “live out a fantasy rap battle,” according the label's Twitter:

Check out the tongue-in-cheek response track, “When Ronnie Met Sally,” attributed to Ashtradamus ft. The Main Event, below:

Though the song contains some definite lyrical jabs, the beef between the I See Stars camp and Falling In Reverse's Radke seems to be all in good fun at this point. Both groups assured fans yesterday that the feud had long since ended, and that they had reached a truce.

Ronnie's original diss track, “I Wash Cars,” was apparently recorded seven months ago, while the singer was still angry at all of the parties involved, and recently leaked online. It features a guest verse from Los Angeles rapper B.Lay. Give the song a listen, below.

What do you think of Avildsen and Antonucci's response? Will this rap battle go down in history like Biggie vs. Tupac, Nas vs. Jay-Z, and N.W.A. vs. Ice Cube? Let us know in the comments.