Around 2000, filmmaker Andrew Bennet created a documentary about Deftones entitled “Entertain Me: A Film About Deftones.” After that, the film went missing for 15 years–until now!

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Bennet posted a statement online saying that the documentary will now be made available in full.

“I am officially making it available to the most amazing fans in the world, starting 12/26/2015. It will be 10 bucks for the full and clean resolution download of the final edit of this film. Please note, that I saw the leak, and that version is so old it’s not even funny.

To recap: Entertain Me: A Film About Deftones, the real, uncut, director’s final version will be officially released on 12/26/2015. The website is being finalised today. I hope you all enjoy it, sorry it only took 15 years to get out.”

Check out the trailer below.

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