In an interview from December, comedian Louis C.K. talks to Conan O'Brien about what he sees as dumb career choices—and it's just too good.

While explaining that dancing is, in fact, the worst career choice, Louis says “Even being a musician, what are you doing? Don’t be a musician. That’s a stupid thing to do for a living.”

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He also takes a knock at Conan's backing band, the Basic Cable Band.

According to Digital Music News, the conversation starts by addressing dancing, aka “the worst available career choice.”

“Dancing is really inspiring to watch when someone… you know, it’s a terrible life choice,” Louis C.K. says. “It’s the dumbest—it’s the worst career choice.”

Conan replies: “You’re saying that dancing is a terrible career choice. You like watching it but it’s a terrible career choice.”

To which Louis C.K. says: “It’s the worst available career choice.”

But then, Louis C.K. turns his attention to musicians.

“Just to be clear: What I’m saying is that nobody cares who they are as individuals,” Louis C.K. says. “But they’re—wait, wait, let me finish.”

“In fairness, you got to let him finish,” Conan says.

“They’re working musicians. This is not their dream. None of them. None of them. They each wanted to be separate rock stars,” Louis C.K. says. “But they’re just a clump of nothing.”