lucky charms marshmallows only jet-puffed
[Photo via Pexels/Leah Kelley]

Lucky Charms fans are in for a treat—literally. Your favorite cereal from your childhood (and today too, if we’re being honest) just got a massive upgrade thanks to a Jet-Puffed collaboration.

The cereal brand took to social media to announce the epic team-up with a short and sweet post. “Magically delicious in EVERY form! Grab a bag of @jetpuffed marshmallows with Lucky Charms shapes today! #magicallydelicious,” they tweeted.

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Jet-Puffed shared the sentiment, writing “Our favorite fluffy part of @LuckyCharms ! Get excited for our magically delicious marshmallows❤️ ⭐️ ☘️🌙”

Finally, no more separating the marshmallows from the oat pieces. You can see the new massive marshmallows below.

Fans had split reactions with some questioning if it would actually taste like their favorite cereal.

More on Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms enthusiast will know that this is not the first time the brand has sold their marshmallows separately from the cereal pieces. In 2015, they released a marshmallow-only product with a catch.

They only produced 10 boxes of the sugary sweet treats. Playing off the “lucky” portion of their name, parent company General Mills held a social media contest. To enter, fans shared a picture holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram captioned it with #Lucky10Sweepstakes.


The beloved cereal even teamed up with Biz Markie to make a jingle for the contest, which you can see below.

Lucky Charms did it again in 2017, but this time they upped the ante and had 10,000 boxes available to win. Taking it off social media, the brand had consumers purchase specially marked box of regular Lucky Charms. Inside, there was a code that had to be entered on their site to see if you had a winning box.

As things of limited quantity often do, the marshmallow-only cereal ended up on various marketplaces. So, if the Jet-Puffed collab isn’t your thing, then eBay definitely has you covered.

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