Ludlow Falls vocalist Derek Brunsveld has been arrested for allegedly have sex with a minor. According to this report, police are saying it's unlikely that this victim was Brunsveld's first, and that they suspect he used his status in the band to lure underage girls. Brunsveld allegedly contacted these girls via Facebook and Myspace, according to the report.

Ludlow Falls, which identify themselves as a Christian band and list “Jesus” as their biggest influence on their Facebook page, were scheduled to perform at the Jamboree Music Festival in Toledo, Ohio in April. Brunsveld's name has been removed from the band's lineup on their Facebook page and Lambgoat reports that it's likely they'll change their band name as well. Their next scheduled show is February 17 at Northridge Lions Club in Springfield, Ohio; no word on who will be filling in on vocals.

Brunsveld is expected to appear in court next week.