[Photo by: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs]

What's better than having tons of unique beauty products? Spooky beauty products, of course!

Whether it's a makeup line inspired by Hocus Pocus or looks scaring up It's Pennywise, we're all about bringing the creepy when it comes to our favorite beauty products. That's why this Ouija-inspired face powder is such a must-have. 

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You don't really have to worry about any of that kind of scary stuff with the Mystifying Mattifying High Definition Microfinish Pressed Powder from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, though. This $20 powder comes packaged in an absolutely adorable compact with a mirror on the outside. It's ready to act as the last step in your makeup application process, setting your foundation and giving your entire look a smooth, filtered look. Using it is also a lot less terrifying than actually playing with a Ouija board. Need a ghostly tinge to your favorite makeup routine? This powder is probably your best option. 

If you've got more face powder than you could ever use, you might want to consider some of Lunatick Cosmetic Labs' other creepy cool Halloween makeup. There's an absolutely gorgeous Elvira, Mistress of the Dark eyeshadow palette (shaped like a coffin, natch) from the company that's just dying for a spot in your makeup collection. 

Looks like Lunatick has plenty of Halloween goodies to complete the season's look, so if you want a real scream when putting your costume together, these products look like a safe bet.