[Photo by: Lush]

Lush has never let us down, and they’re back at it again—with a properly titled “Dark Arts,” Harry Potter-inspired jelly bath bomb that we are living for. 

See what it looks like below!

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The bath bomb itself is a deep gray—a color we already love—but as soon as it’s dipped into water, it spews a pink, turning your bath into a glittery “love potion,” as Teen Vogue explains. 

Lush’s site has a video that shows just how it works, and it’s truly as spellbinding as it sounds. With orange oil for a mood boost and sweet almond essential oil to keep skin conditioned, it’s a potion we want to try ASAP.

[Photo by: Lush]

Unfortunately, it’s already sold out. (As if that should be a surprise.) However, we’re going to keep our eyes on the lookout and see if we can nab what might be our fave bath bomb to date.

Would you try this Harry Potter-inspired bath bomb? Let us know in the comments below!

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