[Photo credit: maccosmetics/Instagram]

Ever build a romantic playlist for a crush and burn it onto a CD? Get sappy with nostalgia over this new MAC x Jeremy Scott makeup collab ft. a boombox, mix tape and old school CD.

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According to Bustle, the collection will be release tomorrow, Feb. 8, but we can look forward to a lipstick palette that looks exactly like a mixtape.

And it only gets better from here. The blush palette is a CD, like the ones people used to burn mixes on for you. (Sometimes they even wrote your intials on the outside in Sharpie marker: AP ❤'s MAC x Jeremy Scott!)

The cherry on top is an eyeshadow palette modeled exactly like a boombox.

Keep refreshing your MAC homepage because these nostalgic babies are likely going to sell out fast. What better accessory to add to your beauty regime than these music inspired palettes?

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