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Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem’s back-and-forth beef dominated headlines in September. In the midst of it all, an actor who goes by G-Rod voiced his opinions on the matter to MGK’s face in turn leading to an alleged assault.

Now, months later, the actor, whose real name is Gabriel Rodriguez, has allegedly filed a lawsuit against MGK, his crew and the hotel the incident occurred in, according to TMZ.

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On Sept. 15, TMZ reported MGK’s crew assaulted the Rodriguez. According to the reports, Rodriguez walked up to Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker) and his crew at a bar and criticized the rapper for his beef with Eminem. The actor was reportedly upset at Kelly calling Eminem’s the teenage daughter hot in 2012—an incident Em addresses in 2018 track “Not Alike.”

Rodriguez recorded the moment, and TMZ shared the video. The actor was reportedly kicked out of the bar a few minutes later.

Later that night, Rodriguez says he was walking to a hotel when he spotted MGK’s crew hanging outside. An argument started, but a police officer stepped in to assess the situation.

However, when Rodriguez went into the Hampton Inn lobby, MGK continued throwing insults at him. According to a video he shared, the actor told Kelly’s bodyguards he’d fight them, which is when the crew reportedly started assaulting him. Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t involved in the fight.

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In October, surveillance footage surfaced from the Hampton Inn allegedly showing the actor being assaulted by MGK’s crew. The footage shows MGK’s bodyguards going after Rodriguez, and then three more men from his crew come up and start punching the actor. Machine Gun Kelly isn’t in the video.

According to NME, the actor was treated in for severe facial injuries following the fight. When the surveillance video surfaced, the criminal investigation was still pending, but Rodriguez told TMZ at the time that he would drop it if Machine Gun Kelly fights him.

A few weeks later, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the three crew members who assaulted Rodriguez were wanted in Georgia. According to the newspaper, the Atlanta Police Department obtained battery warrants for his engineer/producer Brandon “Slim” Allen, drummer John “Rook” Cappellety and Lamar Reed.

Rodriguez allegedly files lawsuit against Machine Gun Kelly and his crew

Today, TMZ is reporting that Rodriguez has filed a lawsuit against Baker, Allen, Cappellety and Reed for battery. He claims Baker ordered the other three to conduct the attack. He has also reportedly filed suit against the hotel in which the alleged attack occurred for negligence.

According to the documents, TMZ says, “Rodriguez claims Kelly instructed the bodyguards to attack him, and he’s suffered serious injuries and medical expenses.”

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TMZ says that Rodriguez’s attorney, Blake Dolman, previously stated he would not file suit against the rapper and his crew if he was compensated for the alleged incident.

Now, Dolman has shared a statement, which reads, “Mr. Rodriguez looks forward to his day in court and holding those responsible for this vicious and cowardly attack fully responsible for their actions.”

TMZ also states Baker’s manager commented with, “It’s a bogus lawsuit and MGK is not liable for what happened.”

Machine Gun Kelly is currently on the Hotel Diablo tour with dates and ticket information available here.

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